Belgrade is a city located in the Balkans. It is the largest city in Serbia and its capital. It has about 2 million inhabitants and it is known in Europe and around the world for its beautiful girls, fantastic entertainment and good food.

Anyone who decides to visit Belgrade should know that it is a city that lies on two rivers, the Sava and the Danube. The banks of these rivers are the best place when it comes to excellent entertainment and top events. A large number of beautiful Belgrade girls come to the numerous Belgrade splavs, ready to have fun, dance, and enjoy themselves all night long. Considering that Belgrade is a city that lives to its fullest, the day of the week is not important when it comes to enjoying the fabulous and famous clubs, splavs, and taverns.

If you plan on coming to Belgrade, you should know what to expect when it comes to the beautiful young Belgrade girls.

Since Belgrade has beautifully landscaped promenades along the Sava and the Danube - this is where you can often see beautiful girls taking a walk, chatting and having fun with their friends. Many of them take advantage of the nice weather to spend more time outside and enjoy the beautiful view of the rivers. There are numerous splavs, restaurants and floating river clubs here which are perfect for morning coffee or lunch. The beautiful gardens of these splavs are full of people who enjoy the fantastic flavors, smells and the beautiful view of the river every day.

Many Belgrade girls are highly educated and even those who aren’t - often speak English fluently. A large number of them are friendly and excited to meet new people. That is why a large number of foreigners forge friendships or romantic relationships with girls from Serbia and Belgrade.

A large number of women from Belgrade follow fashion trends and dress fashionably. Depending on where they go out and what kind of music they listen to, you can meet fancy girls who look like they just stepped down from the runway, but there are also those who are into the rock and hip hop scene. In view of this, before deciding where you’ll go, ask around about the type of music it is played in that particular establishment and then start your search for a beautiful female company.

Belgrade offers something to everyone, so if you like electronic music you can visit summer splavs like Lasta, Leto, Freestyler, The Money, and if you are into Serbian music, choose between Bridge, Port, Kartel, and River splavs. These are all summer variants of splavs and almost every one of them has its own winter replacement.

Serbian girls are beautiful and on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a guaranteed 9. Men's tastes differ, but that should not concern you. Here you can meet equally beautiful blondes, redheads or brunettes, those with long or short hair, those that are completely natural, but also others that chose to add hair extensions, breast implants or something similar. Depending on what you like, you have the opportunity to find the right girl for you.

Girls from Serbia are often dressed up - coiffed to the nines. They frequently elicit admiration from the men from abroad, who come to Serbia to have a good time. Because of their remarkable beauty, the ladies of Belgrade often participate and win numerous beauty competitions held all around the world. Some of the most successful models in the world come from the Balkans and Serbia.

If you visit places like the famous Belgrade restaurants - Franš restaurant, Temperament restaurant, Legat 1903 restaurant, Salon 1905 restaurant, bear in mind that these are the places where you can meet some of the most demanding and picky girls. Such restaurants are often a place where you can see famous people, but also self-respecting women who have plenty of dignity and who want to leave the best possible impression on everyone around them. They have high self-esteem, they love elegance and luxury, so if you desire someone like that, we advise you to visit famous Belgrade restaurants like Savanova Restaurant, Kalemegdanska Terasa restaurant, Dardaneli restaurant, and many others.

If you come to Belgrade to experience great entertainment in the company of the most beautiful girls, you should know that many of them are very liberal. They often have multiple partners at the same time, but they also like to live life to its fullest. They are always dressed up, they often visit the most famous Belgrade entertainment venues such as Shisha Hill, Uzbuna splav and tavern, Bridge splav, Port splav or winter clubs Hype, The Bank, Brankow, Kasina by Community, Tarapana. These are just some of the well-known places where many beautiful girls go out, and it's up to you to decide which place you’ll go to in your search for the most beautiful and best female company.

The girls of Belgrade are mostly sociable, pleasant and prone to easy communication with foreigners. They are often very open, they make friends easily - especially when it comes to guests from abroad. They particularly love the Europeans, who have an 80% success rate among the Serbian girls. So relax, approach them and ask a few off-the-cuff questions, try to draw their attention in some way. Often, after just a few words are exchanged, they are ready to accept your invitation for a drink and good company. Whether you find yourself in a cafe or if you want to go to a nightclub one thing is certain, you will enjoy moments spent in the pleasant company of the most beautiful girls.

While visiting museums, parks and other important Belgrade buildings you will have the opportunity to meet many young girls, with whom you can later go the some of the numerous nightclubs in Belgrade. This is one of the best ways to meet someone if you want to a friend and maybe even a romantic relationship.

Belgrade parks, squares, and cafes are full of interesting young people who like to make new people, learn something new about other cultures and countries. Also, one of the best-known places for meeting new people is the famous Kalemegdan, afterward you can go for a drink in one of the most beautiful Belgrade restaurants Kalemegdanska Terasa. In addition, there is the famous Knez Mihailova Street, but also the bohemian quarter, Skadarlija, which remains vibrant all year round and all day long. The famous Belgrade restaurants such as the restaurant Tri Šešira, Dva Jelena and Šešir Moj are located here.

When you're done with the tour of the city, be sure to visit the place that makes Belgrade so popular when it comes to night entertainment and beautiful girls - the Beton Hall, where you can find restaurants such as Temperament Restaurant, Magaza, and Faro Restaurants, and there are also the fabulous places that offer both day and night entertainment. You can find everything you need here, the most beautiful girls, superb food, an excellent time. It's up to you to come to Belgrade and have the time of your life.