Club restaurant Komitet - a new place in town for lovers of good food and quality music. Komitet presents the modern type of club with cuisine that in its vast offer has spicy salmon and meat specialties, various pasta dishes and other excellent dishes. It is placed in the very center of happenings - at the popular Beton Hala, with a magnificent view on the Belgrade’s rivers confluence. At the club, there are special sections reserved for dinner and the sections where you can have a drink.

Restaurant Komitet is mostly visited by the older guests that enjoy the domestic pop/rock music performed by some of the most famous stars of the regional music scene. At the club Komitet, you can attend the performances of the big names, such as OK bend, Dado Glišoć, Nina Badrić, Lexington bend. Ministarke, Amadeus bend etc.

If you are planning to visit the club restaurant Komitet, it is necessary to book your place on time and to pay attention to the proper dress code that is mandatory.

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Phone reservations: +38166222151

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