" Lasta” river club ( splav Lasta) is run by the same experienced team of people who run the famous Belgrade clubs like Brankow, Mladost, Ludost, and it represents a kind of mixture of the said clubs.

It is located at the coast behind the Belgrade Fair and it is certainly a place which joins elegant and sophisticated with the spirit of crazy parties on the river. Music program usually includes DJ performances, quality electronic sounds, mostly deep disco house, which is very much appreciated among the city’s urban population. Some famous Belgrade DJs like Peppe, Pookie and Goran Starcevic are usually behind the DJ counter, although there will be some foreign DJs, mashup and hip-hop nights.

" Lasta” river club stands out with its unique ambiance, designed by the famous architect Djordje Gec, who also designed many other famous clubs like "Brankow”, "Mladost” and "Ludost”. It is easily accessible by car, and in front of the club " Lasta”, there are many parking spots.

Phone reservations: +381 66 222151;  +381 66 222152

Location - Club Lasta