Would you like to visit the hipster neighborhoods and districts in Belgrade? Hip, cool and hidden former industrial zones, street art, murals, independent art galleries, communist architecture, old buildings, coffee shops, local bars, artisan ice cream shops, design shops and concept stores and restaurants? How about trying a local craft beer? Or just maybe a scoop of a delicious artisan ice cream?

street art in savamala

Author of photography: Sanda Vitorović

Be a local not a tourist! Find link here.

If you enjoy all of the above, those are ideal tours for you!

Walking tours:

- Hipster tour

- Creative tour

- Design & Coffee shop tour

dorcol beograd

Author of photography: Marija Velinov

Bike tours:

- Beach & Bike tour

- New Belgrade & Zemun bike tour

genex zgrada beograd

Author of photography: David Pujado

Duration: 2-4 hours

Type: private tour for you and your group

Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Finish, French, Spanish

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