Tavern "Tri šešira" is definitely one of the oldest taverns (kafanas) in the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija. Opened in 1864. in a house that previously served as a craft workshop, and its trademark were three brass hat, hence the tavern name - "Three hats". When the famous Belgrade tavern "Dardaneli" was demolished in 1901., Belgrade nightlife moved to the street of Skadarlija, especially to the "Tri šešira".

Many of Belgrade's most famous writer and artists have spent a fair share of their days in this tavern. Skadarlija witnessed some great artwork being created in the past. Restaurant "Tri šešira" had the pleasure of welcoming some famous historical figures, like Djura Jaksic, Branislav Nusic, Cica Ilija Stanojevic, Tin Ujevic and many others. Nowadays we welcomed some well known public figures including Juan Carlos I, George Bush, Willy Brandt…

The restaurant is able to accommodate 184 guests indoors, and additional 80 guests in the outdoors garden. Specialities being served include warm and cold appetisers, soups and chowders, traditional grill specialities. A wide range of drinks is available including various types of rakijas (schnapps). Tavern "Tri šešira" offers you a great night program with a live tambour orchestra performance.

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