Usled vanrednog stanja u Republici Srbiji neće raditi do daljeg.

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Events in Belgrade on: Monday, 30. mar

Place types:

Serbian Folk Music

Tavern Ona moja

Old Hits - Dj Kalouh & Dj Alex Tic

+381 66 222151; +381 66 222152; +381 66 222153;

As the saying goes "If properly used, tavern (kafana) is the most beautiful place in the world”. "Ona moja” tavern aims to be just that, the most beautiful place in the world with its great performers Dj Kalouh and Dj Alex Tic. Reservations are mandatory!

Tavern Konoba Akustik

Acoustic Trio - Borsalino

+381 66 222153; +381 66 222152; +381 66 222151;

The authentic traditional ethno environment, charcoal grill, affordable prices, a great location at the city center and an excellent band performance will be more than enough for a perfect Saturday evening. Reservations are mandatory.

House / RnB

Club Mr Stefan Braun

AJ/DJ - Resident Dj`s

+381 66 222153; +381 66 222152; +381 66 222151;

We present you the new party brand by the name "Balkan IDJ TV Hits". Every Monday you'll have a chance to listen the best Balkan RnB. Be open, and explore new horizonte! See you at the good old place at Nemanjina 4.
Royal Lounge hookah bar is a place in the heart of Belgrade, where during the day you can have coffee with friends or relax with one of over 40 aroma hookah and be sure that you will enjoy top-quality original hookah and flavors. During the week you can expect and musical nights, when Dj playing popular rnb music, and enjoyable Monday evening are complete. Book your place on time!

Pop / Rock

“Square Five” is a place where you can expect great atmosphere every day, and relax in a nice sports environment with a great view the to Trg Republike. Apart from the fact that you can enjoy the your favourite sport, “Square Five” hosts acoustic performances, and performances of domestic DJs every night. Reservations are mandatory!
"Old London pub" is located in the center of Belgrade, at 46 Gavrila Principa street, in the neighborhood of Savamala. It is a true London pub in the very center of Belgrade. Our cheerful bartenders like to say that they can fit all of Britain into a pint of beer. Here you can find over 60 different types of bottled and draft beers, and this fact put "Old London pub" in the focus of all those beer lovers.
What is coming is intimate future. That is aproach of the cafe-restaurant CROSS who is compact, full and intimate place. On the spectrum of experience and imagination, born in the heart of Belgrade. Saksgitar duo will be entertaining you on Mondays. Reservations are free, but mandatory.


"Kalemegdanska terasa” is a restaurant which has a long lasting tradition and is located in the historic center of Belgrade. It represents a true haven for those true hedonists. offering you a perfect combination of a traditional and modern experience. "Kalemegdanska tvrdjava” presents a true haven hidden away from the city hustle in an intimate surroundings. Reservation free but mandatory!

Restaurant Little Bay

Jazz night - Marija Lazic, Dimitrije & Danilo Mitic

+381 66 222151; +381 66 222152; +381 66 222153;

If you are looking for a special experience and the restaurant for something completely different, you will find it in the heart of Belgrade, in the restaurant Little Bay. This is the only restaurant in town where you will be able to attend performances by eminent opera singers and performers of classical and jazz music, while enjoying European gourmet cuisine . Reservations are free and required!
"Tri šešira" is one of the oldest taverns in the Skadarlija, the unique bohemian quarter of Belgrade. The tambour orchestra will be entertaining you every night, with the sound of the authentic domestic folk music, so your night here will always be complete. Reservations are mandatory.
"Dva jelena" is one of the oldest taverns in Belgrade, located in the famous bohemian quarter called Skadarlija. A tambour orchestra will be entertaining you every evening with the sounds of the authentic tavern music, so that your every visit would be complete. Reservations are mandatory.
Fantastic ambiance, delicious, and impeccable service are just one of the reasons why the restaurant Tabor is in the very top on the list of the best restaurants in Belgrade. Enjoy this Monday with the popular live band!
In the heart of Skadarlija, there is one of the most popular restaurants of national cuisine – restaurant Šešir moj. All dishes are prepared according to old, traditional recipes, and experienced chefs make them with great skills and love. Professional and friendly staff will make you feel at home and will fulfill every requirement you may have. Book your place on time!