Restaurant Magellan is located in New Belgrade, in the Jurija Gagarina 14ž Street. It represents the very top of the catering and gastronomic scene of Belgrade. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in this part of the city, where it stands out with its excellent service and top specialties prepared by the best culinary masters.

If you are a fan of good food, this is a place where you can find real culinary masterpieces, served according to the fine dining concept. A wide selection of international dishes, a rich drink card, and romantic atmosphere are just a part of what you can expect if you decide to visit this beautiful New Belgrade restaurant. Every ingredient that enters the kitchen of the Magellan restaurant is carefully prepared so that all nutrients are preserved. That's why every plate that comes out of the Magellan restaurant's cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors, scents, and colors.

If you like sweets and you believe that no lunch is complete without one, here you have the opportunity to enjoy great deserts, which will awaken all your senses.

Whether you choose to have lunch or dinner, or whether you want to spend a pleasant afternoon with your family, friends or need a quiet place for a business lunch, Magellan Restaurant will meet all your expectations in every way. It is up to you to book a table, while the experienced team working in this restaurant will take care of all the rest, making sure that Magellan Restaurant justifies its place on the gastronomic map of Belgrade.

Phone reservations: +38166222151

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