Modern taverns in Belgrade do not have many things in common with the former traditional taverns, except for the names and possibly the tablecloths :)

Modern taverns have retained checkered tablecloths and perhaps a few ethno details, but when it comes to everything else, they are reminiscent of modern clubs because they have a stage for bands, often club lighting, and modern folk music. However, there is one thing that separates them from the clubs and splavs, one factor that made them so popular – the fact that they have lower drink prices.

Beverage prices, of course, are different from one tavern to another, so if you decide to go to a larger tavern, such as Tarapana, Gradska Kafana or Gaučosi, where big music stars make frequent guest appearances, expect slightly higher prices than those in smaller Belgrade taverns.

In any case, if you enjoy having a good time with live folk music, a more relaxed atmosphere than those found in clubs and lower prices of drinks then taverns are the right choice for you, so book your table through our call center: +38166222151, +38166222152, invite your friends and have a blast.