Club "Sindikat" is located on the river. Always visited by the positive and well spirited guests, people that know good music and how to have a great time. Relaxed atmosphere makes the guests in the right mood for having fun to their limits. Behind the bar are professional bartenders that will make sure you have the best and the tastiest cocktails, always with smiles on their faces and with a positive mood. The music you’ll have the pleasure to listen includes domestic and foreign pop, and some electro music. Working days are Friday and Saturday. This club on the river mostly welcomes somewhat older guests. If you desire to reserve a bar table, you will be required to order a bottle of some drink.

Club "Sindikat" began its mission of elevating the nightlife of Belgrade to a higher level, and all the guests can be a witness to this music revolution during this summer. Situated on the river Sava, good times, great partying, some quality sounds and much more...All these are the elements that make "Sindikat" what it is. Opened in 2010, during one hot summer. Its success among the many clubs that are alike and nearby, came very quickly, making it to the top lists of best club not to be missed if you are willing to have a great time. "Sindikat" is located in Brodarska street, right between the Gazela bridge and the Old tram bridge, side by side with most top quality club in Belgrade.

The one thing that makes the "Sindikat" club stand above all other is definitely the amazing interior and a spectacular light show during its parties and famous performances. After its renovation in 2014 the club has reached its peak and looks breathtaking.

The interior of our club is the thing that we take pride in, the variety of drinks available and contains everything from cocktails, all sorts of beer, soft beverages, to exclusive champagnes. We also take pride in our more that professional and pleasant staff crew and all of these factors combined give this place a soul and a special kind of atmosphere during working hours. And that is something that not many clubs have.

If you decide to pay us a visit, you needn’t be worried about parking you car, since there is a big parking lot nearby, for all our customers.

Phone reservations: +381 66 222151;  +381 66 222152;  +381 66 222153

Location - Club Sindikat