The "Fenjer" tavern is set at Karadjordjeva street, about 50 meters away from Branko’s bridge. It is located in the space of the former club "Promaja". Regular live performances, a carefully selected song mix, and lots of positive energy is what makes this tavern a really special one.

Our staff crew is quite extraordinary too. Waiters dressed as the Dalton brothers, and bartenders as the sheriffs, a mood of the wild west can be caught in the air.

Every night we organize a contest for the most cheerful girl of the tavern (kafana) and the winner gets the tavener's anthem, a round of drinks for her and her friends, as well as a hairstyling treatment and a manicure. This is also a reason why the girls at "Fenjer" have the best time.

Every Friday girls get complimentary cocktails until 22.30 PM. The gentlemen are welcomed by our lovely and attractive hostesses. At this tavern we serve a small number of popular cocktails, some of the classics are Long Island Ice Tea, Blue Lagune, Sex on the beach and others.

Every group of people that decides to celebrate a happy event in our tavern, like a bachelor party, or a birthdays, will get a certain kind of present, for instance, a chance to order a song from the band or a box of chocolates.

The thing that most people want to know is what the tavern personnel is like, especially in times of big crowds on Fridays and Saturdays. We are pleased to inform you that our staff is extremely professional and very pleasant to its customers, and will always do their best to serve your every need.

A regular band that often performs at "Fenjer" is the "Absolute" band, and it consists of a guitarist, a keyboard player and the most attractive member of the band, Goca the singer. This band will make sure to grant all of your wishes in terms of music, but their favourites includes popular songs by Ceca, Aca Lukas, Miligram, Severina, Zorica Brunclik, and other domestic folk and pop artists. The important thing is that this band has a talent to recognize people's wishes, and a great sense of timing, so the atmosphere is always on extremely good.

We strongly recommend that you make your reservations in advance, and to make sure you arrive at "Fenjer" before 9.30 PM, when reservations are still valid.

Why should you visit "Fenjer"?

  • Top quality nightlife destination and an amazing party atmosphere
  • Welcome cocktails, beautiful hostesses and pleasant personnel
  • Lots of surprises for the guests
  • Affordable drinks
  • A great band that will gladly play any the song you like

Phone reservations: +381 66 222153;  +381 66 222152;  +381 66 222151

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