If you want to enjoy good food sheltered from the city crowds and deafening traffic, restaurant Trem is the right place for you!

It is located in a quiet part of neighborhood Banovo brdo, at Ivica Devčić 1 street, and is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Quality and rich local cuisine dishes are prepared with special attention by skilled chefs who cooked them not only with superior skills, but also with love.

The house speciality is a T-bone steak witch you can try in a pleasant atmosphere of indoors, or in the spacious, green garden during nice weather.

In the evening on Saturday, while you are enjoying good food, an acoustic live band that will be playing the greatest hits of the old, tavern and domestic pop music will entertain you.

Come and see why the restaurant Trem is a delight for all the senses!

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Phone reservations: +381 66 222151;  +381 66 222152;  +381 66 222153

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