With its 30 years long tradition, club on the water (called splav) "Hua Hua" is the center of the Belgrade’s bohemian spirit. An iconic place that the foreign reporters describe as a "Belgrade’s must". A tavern on the water commonly known as kafana in Serbia.

You should see for yourself why some of the Serbian legends like Toma Zdravkovic, Haris Dzinovic, Zdravko Colic, Goran Bregovic and many others have greeted sunrise at "Hua Hua". For its 30 years of work it has become a Belgrade bohemian institution and a way of life. Our guests are always in for an amazing party, phenomenal live music performances. The music played here is domestic folk. Our regular singer Nesa 100% and Sloba Hua have been successfully entertaining the crowd on Fridays and Saturdays for the past several years.

Wooden tables, plaid tablecloths, dancing on the tables, great music and fiery atmosphere are the the characteristics of "Hua Hua" tavern. The thing we take a special kind of pride in is the reaction of foreigners when they give us a visit. Some call it a spectacle, and the looks on their faces are priceless. "Hua Hua" is definitely a representative of the crazy Belgrade nightlife. If you intend to visit "Hua Hua" it is highly recommended that you make your reservations at least several days ahead, because unfortunately we don’t have the capacity for all of the people that want to come. We are always trying our best to serve our guests with respect, and to create an authentic party atmosphere to remember every single night.

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