In the last few years, photos have taken over the world. Everything is photographed, while the queen of the photographs is definitely the selfie. People take pictures everywhere today but there are still places that are considered the best when it comes to taking excellent selfies at any time of the day or year.

Kalemegdan – an eternal inspiration

Kalemegdan was the best source of inspiration and the driving force of all lovers of art for centuries. And what is a selfie than just an aspect of modern photography? Capture cheerful squirrels playing on the tall trees in the park, take a selfie on the highest point of this fortress, sit on the walls and enjoy the sunset over the place where two rivers meet... These are just some of the suggestions on how you can take a great photo and get tons of likes and comments on social networks. Sit on the beautiful terrace of the Kalemegdanska Terasa restaurant and enjoy great coffee, take photos, and maybe you’ll take your very best photo right here.

Selfi priroda

Avala Tower – a selfie from the top of Belgrade

Avala is a beautiful place that many people use to relax and rest. However, it is not meant just for that. Visit the monument, it is an ideal place to take great photos, whether you are by yourself or if you have company. After you photograph the fantastic nature and the forest surrounding you, climb to the top of the Avala Tower. From here you can take a photo of Belgrade like its resting in the palm of your hand. With a few extra tools and your creativity, this selfie will be unlike any other.

Temple of Saint Sava

This beautiful building is both extraordinarily beautiful and unusual. Photographed at any time of the day, this building gives a special something to any photo. In the evening hours, the Temple of St. Sava has an exceptional glow, while lanterns and lights give it a magical look. Each selfie has its beauty and brings a lot of clicks and likes. There are several thousands of photos on Instagram with the hashtag of this beautiful Serbian temple. The whole park in front of the temple and the fountain offer numerous picture-perfect choices. You only need your imagination to take the best selfie ever.

Hram Selfi

Slavija Square

After the reconstruction of the famous Slavija square, this location became one of the most popular selfie spots in Belgrade. The musical fountain with lights became a real attraction for both Belgrade residents and tourists visiting it. And there is no better place that shows a city that never sleeps then this place. Take photos that best describe the upbeat atmosphere of Belgrade. Selfie taken in this place can be a match to those which are taken in some of the most beautiful places in major metropolises around the world.

Par AdaCiganlija

Ada Ciganlija

As soon as the first spring sun appears, a large number of young people come to Ada Ciganlija - the Belgrade "sea” - to relax and drink coffee, socialize and, of course, take the best photos which they instantly post on all well-known social networks. If you like to take a walk down Ada Ciganlija or to ride a bike, be sure to take a stop at the famous geyser. Almost every selfie with this detail in the background will get you tons of likes. There are many places on the Ada where you can make great photos, and it's up to you to find the one that inspires you the most.

Selfies became extremely popular very quickly, and in search of the best spots to take one, some people climbed to the highest peaks of the mountains. There are a number of phone tools that help you create great photos underwater, in the air, including the life-saving selfie stick which enables you to take incredible photos all by yourself. There has never been a better time to take awesome selfies, and it's up to you to take action and a winning selfie photo.