Since you are on this site right now, then you definitely must be planning a trip to Belgrade for New Year's Eve or you may already be staying in Belgrade. You're in the right place to find out what you can expect from New Year's Eve in Belgrade.

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Where do Belgraders celebrate New Year's Eve?

Unlike other metropolises where the center of gathering on New Year's Eve is the city square, Belgrade is somewhat different. Despite organized concerts in the city square, the citizens of Belgrade like to welcome the New Year in one of the many local bars. Every club, splav, cafe, restaurant or bar organizes a New Year’s Eve party and there are countless places to choose from.

Where to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade?

Everyone chooses the best spot according to their desires, type of music they listen to and price. Local guests love celebrating New Year’s Eve at the restaurants, where food and drinks (all-inclusive) are served to the sounds of local folk music. For out of state tourists visiting Belgrade, electronic music dance clubs are a much better choice. Therefore, we will present some of the most interesting places in Belgrade to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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Where can I buy a ticket for a New Year's Eve?

We have been offering our service for 10 years now and you can buy tickets for a New Year’s Eve celebration anywhere in Belgrade, without any commission, at our outlet. You can contact our call center by using the following numbers +38166222151 and +38166222152 via Viber or WhatsApp and arrange to pick up the tickets for the place you choose.

If you want to celebrate New Year's eve in a restaurant check the page New Year's eve in Belgrade restaurants.