This is the first genuine BEER PONG BAR in Belgrade! An ancient game invented by the American students, and now finally in Serbia, just a few steps from the Knez Mihailova street. A brand new way to have a great time.

What is BEER PONG?

Instead of sitting around the table with your friends, you will gather around the beer pong table and have a chance to meet new people.

If you think this is a man’s game, you are wrong

If you like a girl or a boy, you won’t need a lame excuse to start talking, just invite them to a game of beer pong

If you like fancy, stuck up places, this is not a place for you

For ongoing events take a look below or visit the home page

Phone reservations: +381 66 222153;  +381 66 222152;  +381 66 222151

Ongoing events - Beer Pong Bar

Interior - Beer Pong Bar

Location - Beer Pong Bar