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Hot summer days are behind us, and the autumn brings the colder and windy weather in Belgrade. Start of the autumn marks the end of the summer season of the nightlife in the capital and the beginning of the winter season. River clubs are closing its doors and moving to their winter variants. You don’t have to worry – all clubs and taverns are where you have enjoyed during the warm days just changing their locations and names. Great parties and atmosphere remain the same.

Here what the offer of the nightlife expects us in the wither season of the Belgrade nightlife.


It is familiar that Belgrad is the city that never sleeps. Besides being the capital of Serbia, this city is also the capital of great entertainment for the whole region. While the weekend is the top time for nightlife, in Belgrade you can party until the dawn every day of the week.

At the nightlife of Belgrade, there are two seasons – summer and winter season.


The summer season of the crazy Belgrade parties is beginning with the first warm days. Sometimes it is in May or a June, or even April that was unusually warm this year. Basically, it all depends on the weather conditions.

Summer season marks the closing of the clubs and taverns and the opening of the river clubs – commonly known as " splavovi". Most of the river clubs have an open concept, some have the option of the closing one or more sides in the case of the rain or summer storm.

Nightlife at the river clubs during the summer in Belgrade is something truly amazing, that everybody has to experience. Tourists are delighted with the Belgrade nightlife, and foreign media are recognizing Belgrade as one of the leading towns for the great nightlife. This year, the last weekend of September has marked the end of the summer and beginning of the winter season in Belgrade.


Winter season of nightlife starts with the last breaths of summer. River clubs are usually closing down by the half or at the end of September, but there were cases that summer season lasts until the end of October. The longer the summer is, the later Belgrade winter clubs are opening their doors.

As said, most of the Belgrade clubs have their winter and their summer location. That means that during the colder days you can enjoy in the closed space of your favorite club, and during the summer you can party at the same club, but in its open venue on the river. The whole crew responsible for grat parties usually doesn’t change, so that great time at one club or tavern have the same quality.

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Clubs that will mark the winter season of the Belgrade nightlife

By quality, Belgrade clubs can measure up with many famous world clubs. The fact that club The Bank is announced as the best club in Eastern Europe, is just one verification of that claim. Considering that competition is very strong, the quality of the Belgrade clubs is increasing every year. They use the most advanced sound, light, and air condition systems, and every club is decorated in a very modern design and follow the latest world trends.
Clubs in Belgrade are diverse based on the music that they play to clubs with foreign music and clubs with the domestic music.


At the Belgrade clubs that are playing foreign music, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the best local and world-famous DJs. Such clubs have the performances of the domestic rapers and hip-hoppers, and the custom music genre in this type of clubs are House, RnB, Hip Hop, and Rap. Of course, there are also the hits of the nineties, since they never go out of fashion. Every night is thematically determined, so you can choose the day with your favorite music. Stay informed about the Belgrade clubs programs at the gdeizaci.com club section.

The best Belgrade clubs with foreign music that will be in this winter:

  • Club The Bank – Officially the best club in entire Eastern Europe offer phenomenal parties that even the world-famous clubs can be jealous of. You will never regret booking the place at the club The Bank since the fantastic nightlife here is guaranteed. The summer version of this club is the river club The Money.
  • Club Mr Stefan Braun – Visit to this club will be something that you will retell for years. Special energy, the best cocktails in town and excellent music are just some of the reasons why the club Mr Stefan Braun is always a great choice for the crazy night. It is quite usual for bar menus, but guest also, to dance on the bar. This club doesn’t have its summer version in Belgrade. When the summer comes, it is relocated to the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, more specific in the town of Budva.
  • Club Hype – If you enjoyed in the parties at the river club Leto, you will like the news that exists its winter version. That way great time doesn’t stop, it’s just moved to the club Hype. This is one of the youngest clubs in Belgrade, opened last winter season, that has won the hearts of many with its quality and awesome parties and become one of the most popular places for Belgrade nightlife.

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Domestic music is very popular in the whole countries of ex Yugoslavia, and wider. You shouldn't be surprised to hear the hits of the famous stars of the Serbian music scene in Greece, Bulgaria or Turkey.

Folk music is the primary music genre in Belgrade for the early nineties. Today, there are many variations of this genre with the elements of rap music, which attracts the younger generation. This is by far the most listened music genre in this region, so there are clubs in Belgrade that are dedicated only to this type of music. The biggest names of the local music scene are performing there. IF you have some performer that you like, don’t miss its show just because you didn’t know about its performance. Visit the gdeizaci.com page dedicated to the clubs and get information about the upcoming performances.

The best Belgrade clubs with domestic music that will be popular this winter season:

  • Club Tarapana - This place is the real example of a combination of modern design with traditional elements. Light and sound systems are the wonders of the new technology, while the square pattern table clothes are giving the whole ambiance the special charm. At the club tavern Tarapana, you can enjoy the performances of the most famous artist of the domestic and regional music scenes. This is one of the most popular Belgrade clubs of this type, so reservations are mandatory (but also free).
  • Club Gotik – It is located at the popular Beton Hala, at the place of the famous club Magacin. The whole place is completely renovated and provide the real club filling with the best domestic music. Prestigious club Gotik only hires the best performers, so here you can enjoy at the shows of your favorite singers.

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The tavern is the traditional institution of Belgrade. Its history dates from the antic times, and throw the centuries it has been the place of gathering of the city’s bohemians. Belgrade taverns have a special charm, they paint the picture of the Belgrade’s past and give an impression of how the capital looked in its beginnings.

Traditional Serbian cuisine, square pattern tablecloths, ethno elements, traditional musicians and inevitable rakia, are the soul of every real tavern.

These days, the concept of the tavern has evolved drastically. While the traditional taverns will never be forgotten or go out of style, the so-called modern taverns are in trend now. They are the combination of tavern and club element. What they have in common are a great time, a cheerful atmosphere and a relaxed ambiance.

The best modern Belgrade tavern:

  • Tavern Sipaj, ne pitaj – One of the most popular modern Belgrade taverns represent the place where the great time always awaits you. At the tavern Sipaj, ne pitaj the heated atmosphere and the best performers and bands are something that implies. Here weekend starts earlier, so you can enjoy from the Thursday until Sunday in the amazing nightlife. If you like this type of music, tavern Sipaj, ne pitaj is the best recommendation.
  • Tavern Ona moja –If you are looking for a place to go out on Monday or Tuesday, tavern Ona moja is the right choice for you. It is opened every day of the week and it offers the great nightlife experience. Every night the great singers will perform in life, with the best Belgrade performers.

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The best traditional Belgrade taverns:

  • Tavern Tri šešira – Skadarlija is the soul of Belgrade and its taverns are the keepers of its history. Tavern Tri šešira is one of the oldest taverns in Belgrade, and it has been the main place for gatherings of the Belgrade’s bohemians, actors, and important persons from 1864. every day you can enjoy in the tastes of authentic Serbian cuisine, traditional music, and the gorgeous ambiance. Restaurant Tri šešira is the place where the most beautiful memories are made and where quality time is always guaranteed.
  • Tavern Dva Jelena – Another famous Skadarlija’s restaurant is the tavern Dva Jelena. Tasty traditional specialties of the national cuisine, pleasant atmosphere, tradition town music and impeccable service are just some of the reasons why this restaurant maintain its great reputation. Here you can feel the spirit of the past times, and real, unique tavern atmosphere.

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Bars and pubs are gaining its popularity in Belgrade. Although it will never be possible to measure with the popularity of Belgrade clubs and taverns, the urban crowd is increasingly choosing the bars as the alternative places for going out, especially during working days. Music programs of Belgrade bars are usually based on foreign and YU rock and pop music, but some of them make parties with the DJs that play house music.

The most popular Belgrade bars in Belgrade are:

  • Shisha Bar - In order to bring all the beauty of the Orient, this bar is the most popular place in the city to try out the most varied flavors of nargile. Situated in the center of Belgrade, Shisha Bar is an ideal place for afternoon coffee, socializing with friends, but also for warming up before a night out, as it offers a diverse musical program.
  • Old London Pub - In the very heart of Belgrade you can experience the magic of a true English pub. This proves its ambiance, a cheerful atmosphere, as well as a multitude of diverse types of bottled and drafted beers that you can try here. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Old London Pub brings you the best rock and roll sounds with live performances from various Belgrade bands.
  • Industry Bar - The ambiance of this bar is decorated in an attractive industrial design. Industry Bar is a more modern version of the bars where crazy parties are organized on the weekends with DJs. Constants that do not change are parties with hits of the nineties that await you every Friday at this place.

Autumn and winter in Belgrade may be cold and gloomy, but there is Belgrade's nightlife to fix the mood. A phenomenal nightlife is waiting for us in the winter season, and if you follow the site gdeizaci.com, you will have first-hand information. Beside the most current nightlife options in Belgrade, through this portal, you can even make a reservation for your favorite place. Reservation numbers are 066 / 222-151, 066 / 222-152 and 066 / 222-153.

There is no doubt that many unforgettable nights and memories will be awaiting us, so book your place and join the great party that Belgrade provides at night.

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 Autumn and winter in Belgrade may be cold and gloomy, but there is Belgrade's nightlife to fix the mood. A phenomenal nightlife is waiting for us in the winter season, and if you follow the site gdeizaci.com, you will have first-hand information. Beside the most current nightlife options in Belgrade, through this portal, you can even make a reservation for your favorite place. Reservation numbers are 066 / 222-151, 066 / 222-152 and 066 / 222-153.

There is no doubt that many unforgettable nights and memories will be awaiting us, so book your place and join the great party that Belgrade provides at night.