Every visit to the restaurant Kod Dvoglavog Orla represents a perfect combination of gastronomic pleasure and historical journey. A unique and authentic ambiance offers the opportunity to enjoy good conversation and delicious traditional and international specialties.

Restaurant Kod Dvoglavog Orla is located in the center of the city, at Terazije number 34. Its authentic interior with a handful of details revealing the rich history of Serbian people offers all guests the opportunity to get acquainted with numerous stories related to historical figures, and above all the famous symbol of the "two-headed eagle."

The two-headed eagle has been a central symbol in Serbian history for centuries. At the time of Dušan’s Empire, the symbol was present both on coats of arms and on objects and in state documents. It served as an inspiration for a special and unique place in the Serbian capital - the restaurant Kod Dvoglavog Orla.

The building where the restaurant is located was built in 1885. The brothers Krsmanović bought it in 1898, and Aleksa Krsmanović gifted it to the Serbian people. This is the place where King Aleksandar I Karađorđević signed the declaration on the unification of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, thus creating the famous Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.

Apart from interesting historical stories, all guests of Kod Dvoglavog Orla restaurant have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic traditional Serbian dishes, as well as international specialties. Find the perfect place on the beautiful terrace of this restaurant and let all of your senses enjoy. The friendly staff of the restaurant offers the ultimate service and provides a great atmosphere. Come and see for yourself why this restaurant is at the very top of Belgrade's gastronomic offer.

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