Passions are the most powerful and the most mystical part of human beings. The only part of our personality primarily given to us at birth and which try to tame and please our entire lives.

With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, our team has unqualified knowledge on how to master your true passions. We do not want to dull your senses with psychedelic interiors. You will enjoy our restaurant with its clean, harmonious lines and clean, passionate colors that awaken desire, designed by the architect Ana Mrđenović.

The owners, Dušan Mrđenović and Ivan Ivanović, created a menu with the help of the most sought after chef in this region - Vanja Puškar.

The menu is made in a way that will bring you back to the time when you were bold enough to do everything and when you were afraid of nothing. Kids with bruised knees and shaggy hair that ate grease and paprika smeared on crispy home-baked bread have evolved and they will never be afraid of the "good" cholesterol and melancholy...

These are the things for little mama's boys and girls. We prepare aphrodisiacs, traditional childhood delicacies in portions large enough for men, best pieces of meat and the most sinful desserts for our guests.

There are no limits.

We have designed the menu to satisfy your hunger and dominant desire for instant satisfaction of urges and needs. Momentarily.

Meat of the most respected and indigenous species, which was slowly and cautiously tamed to become supple and gentle is our specialty. We do not deny you your right to have a full stomach, we do not judge your appetite. Your secret wishes and sinful pleasures are our imperative. Whether you need a powerful morning push with a coffee and breakfast in the nature of Karađorđe’s Park, lunch in unexpected privacy in the middle of the city center or an evening relaxation from inhibition with a graffiti mural that reminds you of the importance of individuality.

Phone reservations: +38166222152

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