When you want to remember the sea and enjoy fish specialties, go to the cult restaurant Bevanda.

Its unique ambiance will bring you memories of the shoreline and at a first glance, you will have a feeling that you have traveled to the seashore.

Design by the model of the taverns by the sea coastline, this restaurant provides you with a real seaside atmosphere in the center of Belgrade.

The atmosphere is pleasant and hospitable, and you will always feel welcome here.

For almost two decades, this restaurant stands out as one of the best places to enjoy fresh fish specialties. Shellfish, crustaceans, mollusks and a large selection of sea fish daily arrive by plane from Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy, directly from fishing nets.

Family Simić with their staff then turns them into excellent specialties which are a pleasure for all senses.

Restaurant Bevanda has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Belgrade, which is completely justified.

It maintains its quality at the highest level for many years, as evidenced by the prestigious award that this restaurant received for catering in Europe - Golden Bull for Excellence.

Many famous public figures from the world of business, culture, sports, and politics are frequent guests of this restaurant.

At restaurant Bevanda you can taste 100% fresh and delicious seafood specialties that will delight you so much, that after your first visit you will become a regular guest of this restaurant.

Phone reservations: +38166222151

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