Belgrade is a city famous for its wild nightlife. It is one of the cities in Europe that boasts a large number of floating river clubs, clubs, taverns, and bars.

Whether you are from Belgrade or you are visiting from another country, you need to keep in mind several things when planning a night out.

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How to choose the right place for a night on the town?

Belgrade is a very lively city, especially at night. There are plenty of places to choose for a night out and that's exactly why some people have a hard time deciding on where and when they will go. Depending on whether you want crazy fun, a pleasant dinner or the best cocktails, you can choose clubs or taverns, or maybe some of the sophisticated restaurants or bars. What you also need to bear in mind is that Belgrade’s nightlife differs depending on the season.

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During the winter season, which begins with the first cold days in October and lasts until May, the clubs and taverns are popular. As soon as the temperature rises to a pleasant 20 degrees, the Belgrade nightlife moves to the rivers, where you can enjoy the famous Belgrade floating river clubs (splavs).

During the winter months, the best entertainment can be found in famous clubs and bars, which including the following:


Club The Bank is a place you have to visit on your night out. Experienced clubbers who run this club use their year’s long experience in the best way possible when managing the club. Although fairly recently opened, The Bank quickly managed to gain the trust of its faithful visitors. All fans of great RNB sound know that this place is the right choice for them.

Club The Bank

If you like electronic music, positive vibrations and incredible energy do not miss the chance to relax and enjoy The Bank Club in the company of the most beautiful girls. With modern lighting and sound, every visit to The Bank Club becomes an incredible adventure. If you want to be in the center of good fun if you want to dance and have the best time you ever had, visit The Bank.

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If you want to have a night out you won’t forget anytime soon, the Hype Club is a place you must visit. The Hype is well-known for its perfect ambiance, excellent sound, and top performers.

Located in a perfect spot, in the heart of Savamala, this club offers the best popular electronic music. The most beautiful girls, and the perfect combination of urban atmosphere and super sound has made Hype club a must-visit place and the best club for crazy parties in the city.

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The well-known team that runs Hype Club managed to transform it, in a short time, from a new place into an iconic part of the club scene in Belgrade, a place of unforgettable and crazy entertainment.

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All fans of the well-known Freestyler floating river club will have a reason to rejoice as the phenomenal atmosphere of this club is transferred to the new winter scene during the winter months - to the podium of the Freestyler Winter Stage. Super sound, spectacular lighting, and unforgettable entertainment have become the hallmark of Freestyler's winter variant.

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Located in a place known as the center of the best night entertainment in the city, within the famous Concrete Hall, the Freestyler Winter Stage club gathers young people looking for a great time, company, and fantastic music. With its repertoire, this club stands out from many others and it offers incredible entertainment.

Feel the positive vibrations which you will have you dancing until early morning hours, have a great time like you never had before with the most famous performers only at the Freestyler Winter Stage.

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All true clubbers and lovers of good entertainment know that Mr Stefan Braun is the right place for a crazy and unforgettable time. Located in Nemanjina Street no. 4, this club has a unique appearance. Its guests enter the club directly as soon as they step out of the elevator on the 9th floor of the building. The remarkable atmosphere is noticeable from its very entrance and it represents a trademark of the club Mr Stefan Braun. That is precisely the reason why this club is synonymous with the best parties in the city.

Klub Mr Stefan Braun

The central part of the club is occupied by a large bar, which is also the center of entertainment. Professional bartenders, in addition to making the best cocktails, raise the atmosphere to its highest possible level. Of course, there is also the best music, dancing and most importantly, the prettiest girls, some of which often find themselves dancing on top of the bar in the heat of the good atmosphere.

The club Mr Stefan Braun is a place where world famous DJs often perform, making it equally popular with domestic and foreign guests. This club leaves no one indifferent, so make sure to visit it and see for yourself the reasons why this club is at the top of the list of 10 best places for a night out in Belgrade.

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If you are a true fan of clubs and clubbing, then you should know that Brankow is a place one should not miss as it offers the best club entertainment in the Serbian capital. It is one of the longest-running clubs among the so-called winter clubs in the city.

Club Brankow, with its location, appearance, and guests, is a place you should not miss if you like club energy and excitement. Situated in the very center of the city, under Branko's bridge, it attracts both younger and older clubbers, both men and women, and foreign and domestic guests.

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Well-known celebrities from both domestic and foreign scene often perform here. While a phenomenal sound system and lighting make it an ideal place for an all-night party. The club can accommodate up to 400 people. It is separated into areas with bar tables, booths, and VIP spaces. Come and enjoy everything Club Brankow has prepared for you.

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If you are interested in night entertainment in Belgrade in the summer months, do not miss the following places:


The Money floating river club is known as the place with the best summer entertainment in the Serbian capital. With the first warm summer days, the center of good entertainment transfers to its summer destination on the river from its winter variant in the Bank Club. The Money Club is one of the favorite places of all people who enjoy the best electronic music.

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This floating river club is known for its frequent guest appearances of world-famous DJs, and foreigners are frequent guests of this prestigious place. The great atmosphere, popular hits, and the best company make The Money a perfect place for a crazy night.

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Freestyler floating river club is the best place if you are in the mood for crazy Belgrade parties. It justifies its popularity every day by trying to offer something special to its guests. The club offers a superb sound system, the best guests and an extremely good atmosphere, which make it a very popular place, both among the domestic and foreign guests.

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Freestyler is always bursting with good energy. It is a place where dancing is mandatory. The club offers the best company, while a good time is guaranteed. Crazy parties are held every night on this floating river club, and if you want to be a part of it, do not wait too long, but book your table on time.

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Lasta Club is another place you cannot miss when the crazy summer fun begins. Located on the banks of the Sava River, this club combines elegance and sophistication with the spirit of crazy parties held on the river. It is immensely popular among the Belgrade clubbers - all thanks to the professional team which has plenty of experience with nightlife in Belgrade.

Lasta represents an escape from reality, a haven for all lovers of real electronic music. If you are a fan of deep and disco house music then this is the perfect way for you to spend an unforgettable night. Famous hits of world-renowned DJs can often be heard in this club, which is why it is the favorite place of foreigners who come to Belgrade to have a good time.

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Apart from Serbian DJs such as Peppe, Pookie, and Goran Starčević, well-known DJ from all over the world often perform here. Apart from perfect music, Lasta also offers a unique ambiance - which is the work of the famous architect Đorđe Gec, as well as plenty of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the club itself.

Everything is perfect at the Lasta club, you just need to stop by and have the best time ever.

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If you are a fan of winter entertainment at the Hype Club, then you will surely enjoy everything that famous Leto club has to offer, as it represents the summer variant of the famous Hype Club. An atmosphere similar to the one found in world famous clubs will make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. Your enjoyment will know no bounds while you are listening to the perfect performances of the best DJs in the Leto Club.

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Dancing, great energy, and the perfect house and RnB music are something that makes the Leto Club the best place for a night out. Bring your friends, girlfriend or colleagues and have an unforgettable party that everyone will talk about for a long time.


The famous floating river club Tag opens its door at the beginning of the summer for all lovers of an urban environment. The Tag has a great atmosphere, whether you are visiting it during the day or night.

If you want to have a cup of coffee or eat something tasty in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere then Tag is the right place for you. The culinary masters working here prepared a sports, fitness menu, designed for all people who take care of their health. A large number of carefully prepared specialties make this floating river club a really special place. It is a kind of oasis on the river, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the perfect combination of nature, music, and food.


In the evening, Tag transforms into something completely different. Its crazy parties that last well into the night, the music of different genres, from pop and rock to folk music, make this place a favorite club for a large number of young people. Enjoy the company of the most beautiful girls, taste the best drinks and let your rhythm guide you. It's the recipe for the best fun in the city.

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