splav tag matine devojka

This Sunday, Belgrade was so warm that you had a feeling that the streets are melting.

Even thought most of the people stayed yesterday at home with the air condition on, some people are more adventures and they decided to spend the afternoon in a partying in the club Tag.

splav tag matine momci

It's always more pleasant and cooler in the summer near the water, and the breeze coming from the river gave much needed refreshment.As did the colorful cocktails.

splav tag matine devojka 1

Great music played by the Dj puts everybody in the good mood, so there was a lot people dancing.

splav tag matine dj

Nobody cared about the heat – they were more busy having a good time and partying.

splav tag matine devojka 2

If you miss this afternoon matinee, follow our site and don't let it happen again because you may miss the time of your life!

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