Club "Community by Kasina" previously known as "Kasina Bar", is one the biggest nightclubs in Belgrade and it is a favourite to many people who live in Belgrade. It is located at the very center of Belgrade, across the street from the Terazije Fountain, or more accurately, at 25 Terazije square.

The old "Kasina" hotel was set on the place of today's club. As a former beer pub "Kasina" made its place among the most popular places in the city, and its reputation is still standing. Even though the building of the "Kasina" hotel is a very old one, the club interior is renovated and modern.

The environment of the club is rather shiny and colorful. A very pleasant combination of various different colors including bright blue, purple, green, pink, yellow and orange. It might seem a bit too much, but it is all rather interesting and cosy. It is a very spacious club with high ceilings, and top quality air conditioning systems.

This two tiered space has various seating arrangements, including a large number of high tables and wide booths. A big bar is located somewhere in the middle, with a large disco ball above it, and the band platform behind it all. The sound and lighting systems are top quality. Walls are covered with all sorts of messages bring the post modern look to the space. Even though the owners did the amazing job on renovating and modernizing this place, you can still find some pictures of the old Belgrade on the walls, as a reminder of the pastimes. A wide range of drinks is available, everything from draft beer, cocktails, hard liquors, soft beverages… The music is mostly domestic pop/rock. The club hosted some of the biggest names of the domestic music industry, including Goca Trzan, Natasa Bekvalac, Toni Cetinski, Nina Badric, Aleksandra Radovic and many others, often as customers as well as performers.

Working days are usually from Thursdays to Saturdays. The club capacity is around 700 guests, but it can get very crowded, so we recommend that you make your reservations on time.

It is important to respect the dress code, which is smart casual. You must be at least 23 of age in order to get in.

The staff is very pleasant and professional, always providing a service with a smile. You can also visit us by day and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends in our beautiful garden.

Why should you visit "Community by Kasina"?

  • Excellent music program
  • Gorgeous surrounding
  • Top quality atmosphere that is created by the performers, staff and the guests
  • Great location in the center of Belgrade
  • A long tradition of the being the best party place in the city

Phone reservations: +381 66 222151;  +381 66 222152;  +381 66 222153

Location - Club Community by Kasina