Mala Kolubara na reci restaurant welcomes its guests on the beautiful bank of the Sava river. In addition to the fantastic location, this restaurant offers the opportunity to experience the spirit of old Serbian taverns, to have fun and socialize - all with a glass of quality homemade brandy. Although a small number of Belgrade restaurants have managed to resist the onslaught of modern European and world cuisines, the Mala Kolubara restaurant on the river was one that managed to do so very successfully. The restaurant’s menu includes some of the delicious old dishes such as ‘Šumadijski opanak’ (traditional meat dish), gourmet appetizers consisting of the most exquisite local specialties... But that is not all - as lunch cannot begin without a suitable aperitif. If you like brandy, a perfect choice for you would definitely be the one that has an honorable place in this restaurant - the St. John's wort brandy. In addition to its health benefits, many say that this brandy is a real balm for the soul.
If you love authentic Serbian cuisine and want to experience gastronomic magic of local specialties with all your senses, then this is truly the right restaurant for you. You will have the opportunity to try specialties such as veal and beef under the bell, but also delicious pork specialties, which are prepared every day so that they are always fresh. In addition to superb food and drinks, the Mala Kolubara restaurant jealously guards the unique spirit of old Serbian taverns. As its owners say, in addition to affordable prices, another trademark of this restaurant is excellent service and a real homely atmosphere. Stop by and we are sure it will become one of your favorite places in the city after the very first visit.

Phone reservations: +381 66 222151;  +381 66 222152

Interior - Restaurant Mala Kolubara na reci

Location - Restaurant Mala Kolubara na reci